2016 Medicare Advantage (MA) and
Prescription Drug Plan (Part D) Sales


July 7, 2015

30.1 – Limitation on Distribution of Marketing Materials and Activities
Reminder: Marketing for an upcoming plan year may not occur prior to October 1.

30.3 – Carrier/CMS Review of Websites
Plans/Part D sponsors must submit agent/broker websites that reference specific MA/Part D products.

30.6 – Required Materials with an Enrollment Form
The following materials are required to be included with an enrollment form:

  • Star Ratings document
  • Summary of Benefits
  • Multi-Language Insert

70.1.1 – Nominal Gifts
Nominal gifts may not be in the form of cash or other monetary rebates, even if their worth is $15 or less. Cash gifts include charitable contributions made on behalf of potential enrollees and those gift certificates and gift cards that can be readily converted to cash, regardless of dollar amount.

70.5 – Marketing through Unsolicited Contacts
In general, Plans/Part D sponsors may not market through unsolicited direct contact, including but not limited to:

  • Door to door solicitation – including leaving information such as a leaflet or flyer at a residence or car.
  • Approaching beneficiaries in common areas (e.g. parking lots, hallways, lobbies, sidewalks, etc.)
  • Telephonic or electronic solicitation, including leaving electronic voicemail messages or text messaging.
  • Note: Agents/brokers who have a pre-scheduled appointment that becomes a “no-show” may leave information at the no-show beneficiary’s/individual’s residence.

70.9.3 – Scope of Appointment (SOA)
Agents may not market health care related products beyond the scope that the beneficiary agreed to prior to the meeting. The scope of the agreement must be documented 48 hours prior to the appointment, when practical. If the beneficiary indicates an interest in discussing additional health products, a second SOA must be completed to document the additional products to be discussed.

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