Sales Appointment Guidance


September 7, 2017

Below is some guidance to help keep you compliant during sales appointments. Please review each section of this email and if you have any questions, please contact us.

Medicare Advantage / Part D Appointments

  • Scope of Appointment (“SOA”) form – CMS no longer requires 48 hours between the time the SOA is and when a sales presentation is given.
    • Sales presentations are by appointment only.
    • Inventory/needs analysis is competed and then the SOA form is completed.  Note any type of plan to be discussed on the SOA.
    • Sales Presentation – one product at a time.
      • Medicare Advantage Plan
        • CMS-approved, carrier presentation.
        • Review and document if each prescription medication is on the Medicare website or the carrier’s on-line formulary.
        • Review and document each provider within the online provider directory. Do NOT call the provider’s office.
        • E-applications – the beneficiary or their representative “signs” the application. Carrier signature guidelines apply.
        • Paper applications – fill in, beneficiary signs and submit to the carrier with the SOA (or VRA number).
        • Follow carrier guidelines for strict application turnaround times.
        • You cannot discuss non-health products until 48 hours after the Medicare Advantage appointment.

Sales Presentation – Hospital Indemnity Plan

  • If completed at the time of the MA appointment (Not recommended – it may be information overload for the beneficiary), DO NOT “intermingle” the presentations.
  • DO NOT discuss/refer to the HI plan during the MA presentation.
  • Hospital Indemnity Plan presentations must be separate from the MA presentation.

Medicare Supplement Insurance

  • If you are recommending replacing a carrier, and if there is a premium increase, advise the beneficiary of the dollar amount increase (not “a few dollars more”).
  • READ each health question and answer truthfull.
  • E-applications – the beneficiary or their representative “signs” the application. Carrier signature guidelines apply.

Fraudulant Signatures

  • DO NOT submit to a carrier on behalf of a client, an application or policy related document bearing a false or fraudulent signature or initials. Such conduct is illegal and unethical, and is grounds for immediate termination. It is AmeriLife’s policy to report all such violations to the appropriate law enforcement authority. Never sign any application on behalf of a client, even if directed to do so.

As always, we thank you for your support and cooperation. For questions or comments, please email us at or you may call the toll-free number listed below.


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