2020 Annual Enrollment Period Year End Follow Up


December 11, 2019

Annual Enrollment wrapped up on December 7th and now the plan carriers are busy processing applications received.

To ensure that business continues to flow smoothly, take a few minutes to do some post AEP follow up and build relationships with new clients.

  • Review each of your carriers’ agent portals to make sure there are no outstanding requirements that need your attention.
  • Contact new members within two weeks of their effective date to ask new members if they have any questions about their new benefits, out of pocket expenses, physicians, pharmacy tier levels, etc.
  • Make an appointment to visit your client for a benefit review. This is a great time to discuss other products.
  • Encourage members to call you with any questions or problems.
  • Let the member know you will contact them in 60 days to make sure the plan is working for them and to answer any additional questions they may have.
  • Document previous questions and conversations so that you may follow up to ensure the member’s questions have been resolved.

If a new member needs to fill a prescription after their 2020 coverage begins, but before the member has received their new ID card, they may:

  • Contact a network pharmacy
  • Take a form of temporary proof of membership to the pharmacy
  • Inform the pharmacist which carrier and plan type chosen; or,
  • Call the carrier’s Member Services Department for assistance with transition of coverage protocol.

Acting as an advocate from the beginning will cause the first impression from the clients to be a lasting one.

Promptly Respond to Clients’ Phone Calls

One of the best ways to make money in sales is to obtain repeat business from current clients. If you do not keep in contact or quickly respond to client calls (no longer than 24 hours), not only do you reduce your opportunity for repeat sales, you stand a good chance of losing your current, placed business.

As always, we thank you for your support and cooperation. For questions or comments, please email us at Compliance@NSGACommunications.com or you may call the toll-free number listed below.


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